Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Türa Burgers

The best thing to have left over for day after America day? A kilo of ground beef. Wanna know what's even better? The majority of guests leaving before you can turn it into burgers. Combine this with the superior produce we get here at the Türa in the summer, and you have a recipe for great success!

Prep ingredients:

Beer (2.5 liter bottles are best. konig seems to be the preferred flavor here this summer)
Cigarettes (Gauloises blue or yellow)(Optional)
Leftover sangria? Start in on it!

Ingredients for the burgers:

1 kilo ground meat. (beef is tastiest)
Red wine
Some herbs (rosemary or whatever)
A small diced onion
Some diced garlic if you feel like it

Garnishes and other good ideas:

Bread or buns. Anything that can handle the amount of taste you are about to encounter
Bacon. duh.
Cheese. Whatever you prefer. Or anything you have on hand.
Sauce (We like the holy trinity best-mayo, mustard and catsup)
Fried eggs can be fun
More beers. Nothing too wildly filling though. A white beer or IPA might be the thing for it.
A grill or stove top


Pour youself a sipping beer. You're gonna need it for as long as this is gonna take.
Take the meat and put it in a bowl. Mix with herbs, about 50ml of red wine and onion.
Let sit an hour or so. Have a beer.

If using a frying pan to cook the burgers, cook the bacon.
Form burgers into patties. Keep in mind that they'll shrink during cooking so i usually make them a bit thin and wide for optimal cooking time and placement on bread/buns
Get the bacon done and keep the grease.
Add small amounts of said bacon grease to the pan and cook the burgers. keep your eye on them so they don't burn. If you are so inclined, have a beer and a smoke while fulfilling this step.
Put cheese on near the end of the cooking so it gets a chance to melt.

If cooking on a grill, omit steps above and just cook the bacon and burgers side by side. have as many beers as you can fit in while watching the burgers. Have a couple smokes too if you find this acceptable. Put the cheese on at the end so it can melt.

Serve. Have a "build the best burger" contest. Get a beer. Eat.
Roll on the ground in overstuffed agony.
Drink more. It's your duty.

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