Monday, September 9, 2013

Türa Potato Salad

This one here is a real classic. The perfect fit for BBQ-ing and picnics all summer (and fall or spring for that matter) long.
Best way to do this one is to prepare it the day before so you got more time for boozing the day of your function. Plus, it tastes better when it's been sittin' overnight.

Ingredients for the salad:

A couple kilos of potatoes or so, depending on how many people
Some celery if you can find it
A carrot or two
Can of green olives
Hard boiled eggs. To the rate of 2 per kilo of taters
A bunch of fresh dill
Maybe a bell pepper if you feel like it
An onion. Two if they're small

Ingredients for the sauce:

Mayo. At least one packet
A bit of vinegar. Wine or apple cider being best
Bit of cumin
Mustard. Either dry or wet (a few good shakes if dry, a spoon or two if wet)
Salt and pepper to taste
Paprika of some sort for a little extra kick and color


Either peel and boil or boil and peel the potatoes. Not too soft otherwise your salad will just be cold mashed taters. Set aside to cool.
Boil the crap out of the eggs. You don't wanna have a runny yoke dripping around the bowl. Set aside to cool and then peel.
Grate the carrot(s). Dice the onion(s). Halve or quarter the olives. Chop the celery (and the pepper if you're using one) and the dill. Throw everything in a large bowl.
When yer spuds are cold, chop them into 1/2 inch (1cm) or so large cubes. Perfection is not necessary.
Same with the eggs but smaller. Throw them in the bowl as well.
Whip up the dressing.
Mix the dressing into the salad well.
Wait as long as humanly possible (not more than 24 hours) and eat as much as you can without puking.
You may need a light digestif (such as chacha) afterwards to aid in digestion.
Revel in glory.

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